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San Antonio, TX, USA

Omni La Mansion Del Rio, a Four-Diamond hotel, embraces its guests in colorful Spanish culture and rich local San Antonian history. Located along the historic RiverWalk, this resort offers proximity to an eclectic variety of tourist hotspots, including music venues, museums, and restaurants. Omni La Mansion Del Rio creates its own immersive experience, particularly with on-site dining options. This hotel staff works tirelessly to earn the respect of out-of-town visitors. They want only to nourish their guests with exquisite food and unsurpassed comfort.

The Challenge

Omni La Mansion Del Rio is a large hotel that requires around-the-clock temperature monitoring in their refrigeration units. Hotel staff discovered that manual logs were inefficient and costly to maintain, especially because temperatures needed to be checked and logged every couple of hours in order for the hotel to stay in compliance. Inaccurate logging could also cause unexpected complications that might trigger a loss in inventory and revenue.

The Solution

Omni La Mansion Del Rio decided to install our IoT in a Box system in all refrigeration units throughout the property. With our system’s advanced sensors, the hotel staff can monitor refrigeration temperatures 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and tackle issues as soon as they emerge. Other companies rely on WiFi coverage while we  utilize a cellular gateway device, allowing us to cover a larger range throughout Omni La Mansion Del Rio’s hotel. Our solution gives clients peace of mind with the highest standards of HIPAA-compliant data protection, ensuring end-to-end, embedded AES 128-bit encryption. It also includes our user-friendly mobile and web interface that allows staff to access data from our sensors at any time and from any location. Instant text message and e-mail notifications warn hotel staff of any refrigeration malfunctions so that designated employees can take action immediately, before problems disturb hotel guests. Additionally, we furnish the hotel with comprehensive compliance reports, which regulating agencies frequently require.

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