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City of Industry, CA, USA

Omni Austin Hotel Downtown nestles guests in the heart of the state’s capital, surrounding them with vibrant scenery, history, and entertainment that one can find only in Texas. With the hotel’s in-house dining experience available during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the kitchen staff are busy tending to food preparation tasks and creating culinary magic. Omni Austin Hotel Downtown has trusted us to assist in automating their refrigeration units to assure ingredients of supreme quality for their guests.

The Challenge

Omni Hotel & Resort Austin’s kitchen staff were logging temperatures every couple of hours in order to stay in compliance. An outage for a facility this extensive, with this many supplies, would mean unsalvageable financial loss for the hotel…and regrettably, the hotel had already experienced more than one of these crises. Not only were kitchen staff struggling to keep up with food preparation demands all day long, they were also scrambling to fulfill their temperature monitoring duties. Dining operations needed to take priority.

The Solution

We installed our IoT in a Box system in refrigeration units throughout the Omni Hotel & Resort Austin. Hotel staff members are now able to monitor refrigeration temperatures with ease, 24 hours per day. Our cellular gateways ensure a coverage range of 200,000 square feet, compared to WiFi-dependent devices that offer a coverage range of only 2000 square feet. In this age of convenience and instant gratification, mobile and web applications are almost non-negotiable, and our system falls right in line with these expectations. Our applications permit kitchen personnel to access sensor data at any time and from anywhere. Our SMS text message and e-mail notifications deliver alerts as soon as our sensors detect a drop or rise in temperature in one or more of the refrigeration units. Compliance reports are scheduled for delivery to the hotel staff so that they can prove rule observance to regulating agencies. Our solution also offers the highest standards of HIPAA-compliant data protection. Guest satisfaction is a top priority for [Omni Austin Hotel Downtown], and with our advanced solution in place, hotel management and staff can focus on the needs of their guests.

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