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Austin, TX, USA

The Line Hotel breaks artistic and cultural boundaries with its unique properties in Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Austin. At each location, the hotel architecture reflects the style and spirit of the surrounding community. In order to deliver such a specialized experience to guests, hotel management cannot compromise on the quality of any of their services, let alone those that keep clients safe and comfortable. The Line Hotel has turned to IoT in a Box for help in monitoring the refrigeration and water pipe temperatures throughout their facilities.

The Challenge

Dedicated staff members at each hotel location were spending a considerable amount of time overseeing and regulating the temperatures in their property’s refrigeration units. This duty, though a pertinent one, was pulling staff’s attention from the reason why they had chosen the hospitality industry in the first place: the joy of interacting with people. The Line’s solution to temperature monitoring was expensive, labor intensive, and inaccurate, and operational efficiency was suffering as a result. Because The Line has always been determined to provide only premium services to their guests, hotel management decided to streamline the temperature monitoring system in each of their hotels. They wanted to be able to address issues in a timely and proactive manner in order to reduce downtime and guest dissatisfaction. With their manual process, The Line could not monitor all refrigeration units and pipelines 24 hours a day.

The Solution

We deployed our IoT in a Box automated refrigeration and pipe temperature monitoring system into The Line Hotels. Our easy installation prevented any hindrances to operations, and the system was up and running within minutes. The Line will be able to monitor their refrigeration units and pipeline temperatures from anywhere and at any time with our user-friendly mobile and web applications. In addition, our sensors provide 24/7 comprehensive and accurate analysis of all data. SMS text and e-mail notifications will alert hotel staff as soon as the system detects a problem, therefore urging them into action before inventory deteriorates. Staff will also log the details of the steps they take to solve system malfunctions by using our Corrective Action mobile feature, thus implementing better predictive maintenance. Hotel guests will experience minimal to no impact from complications because staff will have sufficient time to address them. Though data protection is always a concern in situations such as these, The Line can trust in the security of our solution, which offers the highest standards of HIPAA-compliant data protection, ensuring end-to-end, embedded AES 128-bit encryption. Moreover, compliance reports are scheduled for delivery to indicated staff so that the hotel can satisfy inquiries from regulating agencies.

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