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San Antonio, TX, USA

Mokara Hotel & Spa is the only hotel in San Antonio that can boast a four-star rating from Forbes. At once a retreat from the fuss and haste of everyday life and a center of cultural activity and excitement, Mokara is a first choice for many travelers. The more that visitors choose Mokara as a luxury destination, the more Mokara wants to minimize inconveniences that might detract from an otherwise perfect stay. Our IoT in a Box solution promised to assist hotel management in achieving this goal.

The Challenge

Mokara Hotel & Spa was wrestling with a predicament that many large, successful businesses face: how to automate their temperature monitoring system in order to reduce costs and decrease manual labor. The resort staff was torn between keeping constant track of refrigeration units and fulfilling their everyday obligations of ministering to their guests. Management realized that they could not continue to rely on their employees to execute both roles, and to do so flawlessly. Mokara Hotel & Spa needed a dependable mechanism to regulate refrigeration temperatures, and thus to prevent business and inventory loss.

The Solution

We installed our IoT in a Box temperature monitoring system throughout Mokara Hotel & Spa. Because we use a cellular gateway that allows hotel staff to access sensor data in real time, 24 hours a day, our system greatly outperforms any WiFi-based competitors. Now, the staff at Mokara Hotel & Spa can check and change temperatures through our mobile and web applications, as well as trust in our prompt SMS text message and e-mail alerts to signal any harmful fluctuations or outages in the refrigeration units. Time is utterly valuable in situations that involve a temperature crisis. Hotel employees will be able to address problems before an expensive loss of inventory occurs and to reduce the downtime of the system in between problems. Our IoT in a Box solution is also wired to produce compliance reports, so that Mokara Hotel & Spa can be ready with documentation to supply to regulating agencies. All in all, our system is built to deliver peace of mind.

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